Grace Vigeant

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Let's work together to usher creative ideas from lightbulb to live.

Grace Vigeant

I am a Technical Program Manager.

Elementary school was the beginning of my career. I fell in love with checklists, balanced the budget for the local lemonade stand, and practiced management techniques on my brother. Since then, I’ve honed my skill set through varied, hands-on experiences and formal education.

Whether I’m directing a large-scale, cross-functional project or producing a comedy show, I assimilate the opportunity, create a custom roadmap, define processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, lead teams (while getting out of their brilliant way), and deliver results.

I am thrilled for my next chapter at Squarespace, where I will be driving organization, transparency, and efficiency throughout the Engineering organization by defining, maintaining, and evangelizing industry standards for project and program management with each team.

My spirit animal, patronus, and daemon are all spreadsheets.

Recent Projects

Morgan Stanley

Led strategy, product, UX, design, copy, research, and brand teams to create Morgan Stanley Access Investing—an end-to-end digital investment platform to help clients reach their financial goals and invest their money in a meaningful way.

Current, Powered by GE

Directed site redesign for General Electric's startup, garnering 83%+ visitors, 64%+ organic visits, 485%+ page one Google search visibility, 31%+ browsing time, and 58%+ leads, not to mention a set of temporary tattoos featuring our favorite SVG animations.  

Let's Make a Website

Produced critically acclaimed comedy show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. Comedian/programmer Mark Vigeant builds websites in real time based on audience suggestions. You can catch this character on the road and live streaming on FunnyOrDie.


One of my first project plans, circa the mid 90's.

One of my first project plans, circa the mid 90's.

“Grace is the best, I want her on all of my projects. She's extremely organized and proactive without being rigid or overbearing.” —Employee at Huge

“You are one of the best project managers I’ve ever worked with.” —One of my clients at Verizon

“Grace’s ability to maneuver different personalities, stakeholders, and goals is a huge asset. “ —Employee at Huge

"Grace is more organized than anyone I've ever met and has a gentle way of bringing her skills to a team setting without coming off as an OCD freak.” —Employee at Huge

“Grace should teach a masters class on whiteboard communication.” —Employee at Huge

"Grace is a meticulous project manager with an eye for detail and the ability to obtain buy-in, feedback, and participation from all levels in an organization." —Nicole O’Rourke

These are a few of my favorite [people, places, and] things.

When I leave home, sweet, New York City I write about my adventures in my blog, Francey Pants. My target audience is my mother and she engages with my content frequently, so I consider that a big win.

I am a vocalist with performance and studio experience seeking a regular gig. For an extra fee, I can plod along on piano while squinting at a fake book, proclaiming, "wait... wait… okay, I got it" every sixth measure.