Grace Vigeant

Let's work together to usher creative ideas from lightbulb to live.


Hello and welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web!

Whether I’m directing a large-scale, cross-functional program or producing a comedy show, I assimilate the opportunity, design a custom plan, define processes to maximize efficiency, lead the team (while getting out of their brilliant way), and deliver results.

I am currently a Technical Program Manager at Squarespace, focused on ensuring that our engineers successfully deliver work that we’re proud of and which drives the business forward. When we’re not sprinting, my personal marathon is defining what technical program management looks like across the company.

My spirit animal, patronus, and daemon are all spreadsheets.




One of my first project plans, circa the mid-90s.

“Grace is the most naturally gifted PM I’ve ever worked with. She is one of the rare people that absolutely everyone is glad to see in the room. And we all miss her when she isn’t. Grace’s projects are therefore the stuff of legend at Huge, where we all still reverently and wistfully trade stories about how her uncanny competence and amazing sense of humor moved everything forward.”
Arif Mansuri, Huge

“Grace embodies the values of teamwork, fortitude & professionalism all packaged in a fun-loving personality. She's a pleasure to work & laugh with!"
Sean Rosenberg, Adobe

"Grace is a meticulous project manager with an eye for detail and the ability to obtain buy-in, feedback, and participation from all levels in an organization."
Nicole O’Rourke, Amazon

Side Hustle



Singing Reel, 2018